Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Restigouche 2010

For the past three summers, Rémi and I, along with a varying group of friends, have been going on a three-day canoe-camping adventure on the Restigouche river. It's not as crazy as it may sound: there are no rapids higher than maybe a foot, and portaging is never necessary. We stop as we please (or rather, pees-e) during the day, and around 7 or 8, we try to find a campsite or simply a smooth surface along the riverside to accommodate our tents. I do not have any pictures from this year's trip, but to give you an idea, here's one from last year:

Supremely gorgeous, this river makes me so serene; I no longer care to have a sense of time (except if it's starting to get dark), nor what I even look like. When's the last time you didn't look in a mirror for an entire three days?

You're almost in survival mode, where the only thoughts which seldom cross your mind are: When do I eat next, or where will we set up tent, or I need to go, please give me your poop shovel. What made this trip all the more special was that my former roommate from Halifax, currently living in Toronto, flew down for this very trek. She had never canoed in her life, and was awesome. She's already left and I feel pretty devastated, but I need to stop weeping over goodbyes and absences and hold onto what we shared together.

Here are some canoe-camping tips, if you ever decide to embark upon any flowing water source:

1) Bring a hat AND DON'T LOSE IT! I lost my black zombie exterminator trucker hat on the second day and looked like a moron with a shirt over my head for the rest of the trip. Yes even more than wearing a zombie exterminator trucker hat, jerks.

2) also good to bring: water, sunscreen, bug spray, camping supplies, warm clothes to be always kept dry, and of course, beer. You may substitute the latter for lemon gin or wine coolers. This year I betrayed my country and only drank PBR. It was good!

3) Instant falafel makes a perfect meal, and will consequently blow your mind.

4) Don't whine, it will only make the trek miserable for everyone (this did not happen this year, thankfully).

5) Rivers are so cold but so refreshing.

6)Just revel in it, it might be your only chance.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My sweet baby niece was born on June 4th, at 3am, weighing 8 lbs. Emma.

A new life born into this past year of chaos and tears, strength and renewal...somehow we always pull through. She's my inspiration, my new love that I promise to cherish as long as I'll live.


Monday, February 15, 2010

What I've Read... (Remi)

I'm going to try to post a few comments on the last few things I've read when I get a chance to. I'm generally months behind on everything, and from what I've read in the last little while... over a year :-P

Red Tornado (2009-2010) #1-6 (DC Comics)
Written: Kevin VanHook
Art: Jose Luisí and J.P. Mayer.

I don't really have much more than a base knowledge of the character, and unfortunately, VanHook doesn't do much to want to bring me back for more. The story is a little too "by-the-numbers", although isn't completely boring. Like the new Hollywood action movie of the week, there's a buttload of action, with a very basic amount of character development for good measure. Red finds out he has "siblings" consisting of the other three elements, fire, water and earth with the latter being completely insane and wanting to take over the world. That's really most of it right there. 5.5/10

North 40 (2009-2010) #1-6 (Wildstorm)
Written: Aaron Williams
Art: Fiona Staples

I didn't know what to expect from this other than the fact that it was a horror title. Wildstorm can be hit or miss overall, but with this one, they totally hit it out of the park for me. Like the amazing love child of Stephen King's The Stand, HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, and your favorite super hero comic, North 40 is the story of a small southern town invaded by extradimensional forces of evil, released by "chubby nerd" and "goth girl". CN is the good guy in all of this, and manages to empower a few townspeople with powers similar to those of his favorite comic book characters, whereas GG turns a larger portion into variations of creatures from every horror movie you've ever seen. What follows is a very well executed battle of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, with the townspeople's own personal lives and prejudices siding them on one side or the other. Lots of fun, great writing, and solid art. 8.5/10

Rapture (2009-2010) #1-6 (Dark Horse)
Written: Michael Avon Oeming, and Taki Soma
Art: Michael Avon Oeming and Val Staples

I've always loved Avon Oeming's Powers art, and whenever he's donned the writer's hat, he's generally always managed to at least pump out a decent, fun story, and Rapture is no exception. While the dialogue tends to be a little too "simple", Oeming and Soma offer a different take on the end of the world scenario. À la Kingdom Come, earth has been nearly destroyed by feuding Metahumans, culminating with the near total collapse of the civilized world and the disappearance of all Metahumans. Enter Evilyn and Gil, who are separated right before the end of the world, and try to find their way back to each other. Evilyn is visited by an angel-like figure who gives her a spear to help save those around her from attacking cannibals, whereas Gil is tortured and beaten by a young boy given the same powers as Evilyn, but is unable to cope responsibly with this power. The story culminates with our leads finally meeting but seeing the world through entirely different eyes, and a couple of nice twists near the end that makes the ending near perfect. The general feel of the story itself reminded me of some of Robert Kirkman's super-hero books (but not so much his "end of the world" book), and would recommend this for anyone who enjoyed those. 7.5/10

Remi VL (edited by Cat VL)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lune de Miel Chronicles

On August 1st, 2009, we decided to legally join our lives together. We’ve been together for five years, lived in four different apartments, have two great cats and a lot of stuff which somehow keeps accumulating (movies, vinyl, books, etc. - typical 20-somethings possessions); this day wasn’t so much a traditional “let’s take the next step”, since we knew we would be together for all time, with or without legal documents, but more of a celebration of our love and our coming together as I had been away studying for the past two years.

The weather was perfect (sunny but slightly overcast with a nice breeze), the mosquitoes stayed away for the most part, the company was happy & amazing and the atmosphere, relaxed and blissful. It was a perfect day.

The next morning, after a much-needed eggs & bacon breakfast shared with a few friends, we packed a single suitcase; I filled it mostly with dresses and several disposable cameras, Rémi with Marvel© t-shirts and shorts. We both needed and desired to get away from home and from every face we recognise; we kissed our cats & friends goodbye and left in our trusty Golf. We drove along the South Shore, to Digby and the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, staying at comfy B&Bs and otherwise stopping where we please. We met a few friends along the way:

Leslie Smith is an 83 year-old former fisherman who took us out on his dinghy to Cape Sable Island, where Nova Scotia’s tallest lighthouse and a herd of sheep greeted us through the fog; we felt as though we were in Ireland (only with a lot more sheep scat).

There are also two shacks on Cape Sable Island, inhabited on occasion during the summer and fall; with no running water or electricity, it’s a nice one-week getaway, if you’ve got the connections (i.e. Leslie brings there and back with all of your supplies; look for the sign and his phone number at the end of The Hawk). What a sweet and funny fellow.

We also met a humpback whale (I just decided her name is Vera), who decided to hang out with us around our whale tour boat for about an hour. I had never seen a whale so close; she even sprayed her fishy-smelling blowhole breath at us! It was surreal and moving, I shed a few tears which will make me a cheeseball for life, I know. A woman who lives in the Arctic Circle was there visiting some friends- she took some great snaps: (but those below are from our crappy disposable camera)

Big dumb crying face!

Right after we got a whiff of her blowhole (awkward!)

That's right, une poutine à l'homard, de Pubnico. Tastier than expected.

Crayola sunglasses!

Overall, it was a great time on the road; there’s nothing more blissful and freeing to me than to drive around with Rémi, anywhere. I look forward to many more roadtrips together! New York City is my next target.

(I know what you're thinking: Cat Fancy and Frank Black, together at last)


I'm late getting here.

It's terrible to think that this is our first post; this blog has been on our minds since last May. I had graduated, got a job, and our relationship was no longer in a status of long-distance; we figured it was a good time to start.

Yeah yeah, many interruptions did occur, from moving into our new place, getting married to illness in the family...excuses. In any case, we pulled through and here we are, ready to shove our asinine opinions and geek love in your face! You may not find any interesting reads, and feel free to express any and all thoughts, even if it's "you suck at writing", but remember: we're just having fun.

And honestly, if no one reads this, that's ok. It's going to be alright. We'll laugh just as much at campy horror flicks, swoon just as much over the last so-and-so album, point out just as much at how fantastic our animal companions are, etc.

WARNING: the next post is about our wedding/honeymoon, and was originally meant to be the first post. Re-reading it now (yes, I type everything in Word first), I realise how much it drips of the cheese. I'm not changing it, but beware: we're in love.